The Baby Zone

The zone is the second most natural thing people do next to breathing.  We first experience our zone the moment we are born.  Pay attention to babies, they intuitively go into profoundly deep zones.  It is how they learn.  Babies Read more

A Case Study: 5th Inning Triumph

A major league baseball player who was mired in a most unusual slump was referred to me.  As a first year starting pitcher he was unable to make it through the 5th inning of his first five starts of the season.  Read more

No One Gets Rid of Anything

Clients frequently tell me that they want to “get rid of anxiety and negativity.”  The reality is that we always have the ability to be happy, sad, angry, afraid, confident, calm, content, enraged, overcome with laughter, frozen with surprise, and Read more

How Zoning Out Triggers Zoning In

Session two began with a discussion of how the zone blockers, notably The Toxic Three, can be utilized as positive triggers to zone in and perform at your best.  I explained, “Owen, whenever you find yourself what-ifing, worrying, or beating Read more

Introduction to ZONEfulness

Introduction I had an “Ah-ha” moment in March, 2014.  I’m sure you’ve had the experience of an idea just crystalizing out of nowhere.  The “Ah-ha” is often so perfect that you find yourself wondering what took so long for you Read more

A Definition of Over-Thinking

A teacher of mine and of many, Stephen Gilligan, once said, “Over- thinking is holding your breath and clenching all of your muscles…” Have you ever tried to do anything at all when you are holding your breath and clenching Read more