The Baby Zone


The zone is the second most natural thing people do next to breathing.  We first experience our zone the moment we are born.  Pay attention to babies, they intuitively go into profoundly deep zones.  It is how they learn.  Babies absorb themselves in everything.  They stare down mom, the dog, and the paintings on the wall.  They absorb themselves in music and deeply focus on new and familiar voices, they are constantly zoning in to the stimuli all around them.

The baby zone is where it all starts.  As children grow the zone continues to expand to enable them to achieve more advanced learnings.  For example, learning to walk is a daunting, difficult undertaking.  Babies will stumble and fall countless times prior to taking that elusive first step yet never consider discontinuing the quest to walk.

History has never known a baby that thinks, “You know, I just really can’t do this.  What is wrong with me?  What-if I never learn to walk?  I’ll never have any friends.  I’ll be stuck like this forever!”  The child’s naturalistic, meditative zone state creates an unwavering belief that walking is right around the corner.

Whether it’s learning to read and write, throw and catch, or swim in the pool (to name just a few of the countless things we learn when intensely focused), the zone remains a huge part of each person throughout life.

In order to learn, to achieve goals and rise to the next level, you need to access your natural capacity to trust yourself.  Self-trust is inherent in the zone.  It helps to dissolve doubt, worry, fear, and the myriad of symptoms that serve as zone blockers.  Trust is a hallmark of Zonefulness.  So, your zone has been with you all along.  It is readily available to you any time, all the time.  Walk on.