On Deck Visions

Power Booster Sessions: January-February 2012 “I wanted to come in because I feel I’m really close to making it. I mean I know I can do it but I’ve been having some doubts lately. I ask myself sometimes if I’ll Read more

An Ivy Dream

December 6, 2009: Game #9: Cornell versus Saint Joseph’s Open the Flood Gates In his first ever collegiate start, Jaques played 23 minutes and scored 15 points as the Big Red defeated the Hawks of Saint Joespeh’s. Two weeks later, Read more

The Origin of ZONEfulness

I had an “Ah-Ha” moment in March, 2014. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of an idea just crystalizing out of nowhere. The “Ah-Ha” is often so perfect that you find yourself wondering what took so long to discover it. Read more


ZONEfulness is the integration of mindfulness meditation, peak performance zone exercises, and positive psychology. ZONEfulness is a deceptively, profoundly simple guide designed for athletes to generate and maintain peak performance by accessing the zone that lives inside of each individual.